Up to 80% saving in your electricity bill
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Up to 80% saving in your electricity bill

We have kits, consisting of photovoltaic modules, inverters and mounting systems, fully customizable to consumption, from 700 W up to fill any of your needs, achieving the maximum optimization of your system.
Through a simple and efficient photovoltaic system you can get significant savings on your electricity bill.

From Exiom Solution will define the best option, while we take care of all the paperwork and installation.

Seizing the opportunity offered by the current legislation, to produce our own energy, we can inject into our own home or industry between 30 and 80% of the light that we consume, which is directly reflected in your electricity bill . In this way we achieve a high level of independence and autonomy with respect to our energy needs.

While the life of the facility is 25 years, at least, the amortization period is installation of 5-6 years at home and 4-5 years industrial level.

We are a Spanish company leader in the sector, so we offer maximum guarantees and best service.

Contact us via the box Contact or by phone at 984 033 709 with no obligation and will find that comfortable, easy and economical it is to save on your electricity bill.

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