Press Release: Presentation Technology Park Gijón.
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Press Release: Presentation Technology Park Gijón.

EXIOM SOLUTION, SA has become the cover of the Main Building Technology Park of Gijón in a «solar farm» incorporating its roof, in front of Universidad Laboral de Gijón, a 50 kW photovoltaic installation which sends all the energy produced directly to the network.

To publicize the project, on 9th November EXIOM SOLUTION brought together around thirty customers, suppliers, installers and banks among others, in one of the conference rooms belonging to the Central Building. The speakers, Bernardo Veira de la Fuente – Managing Director of Municipal Business Center of Gijón and Omar Gonzalez – President of the company, along with the EXIOM technical team commented the steps performed and profitability in these facilities and later accessed PV plant.

This project comes through EXIOM in collaboration with the Municipality of Gijón and his plan to reduce their emissions by 20% carbon dioxide to the atmosphere until 2020. The proposal came to tender a few months ago and EXIOM SOLUTION, SA was the one that won the contest. The company’s president, Omar Gonzalez, says his goal is to show that also in Asturias PV projects are possible even though the average daily sunshine hours in the region is much lower when compared to other areas of Southern Spain.

Addition to its unique location coupled with the lack of any dependence on denominated premiums by government to renewables, a measure that even «does not favor to the company» does allow those who move in this area optimized technology that according to Omar Gonzalez «became profitable by itself.»

The Asturian origins of EXIOM and support the Gijón City Council to start this initiative was which encouraged them to go ahead with the installation in the Principado de Asturias, ahead of other regions. The City Council, the director of the Science and Technology Park, Bernardo Veira, understand that this project «is an example of public-private partnership» before approval of the plan of action for sustainable energy, «which will be ready by end of the year ».

The PV plant installed in the business area of Cabueñes is totally innovative because it is connected directly to the grid overturning all their production to the grid, because there are not subsidies for these projects like before January, when they were eliminated by the government. Still, said Exiom the PV Plant is profitable in a very short period of time , which may be running continuously 40years.

With this project EXIOM wants to transmit to the entire PV industry an optimistic message by encouraging other investors to develop these facilities and promoting the economic development of this region and in other regions even more solar radiation.

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