Abu Dhabi power chiefs to propose 500 MW solar rooftop scheme
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Abu Dhabi power chiefs to propose 500 MW solar rooftop scheme

Aiming for 7% renewable energy generation by 2020, the Emirate’s electricity regulator will submit its solar plans to the Executive Council in early 2014.

Energy regulators in the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi, have announced that they will submit a proposal to develop a 500 MW solar rooftop scheme to the Emirate’s Executive Council early next year.

The proposal will outline ways in which Abu Dhabi residents can generate their own clean energy and sell excess power back to the grid, advising on a feed-in tariff scheme that will help support these ambitious plans.

In order to reach Abu Dhabi’s goal of generating 7% of its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020, there is a growing understanding that the Emirate must do more to harness the power of its greatest natural resource – the sun.

Hence, members of Abu Dhabi’s Regulation and Supervision Bureau, which is an independent power and water regulator, will submit their proposal to Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council. Their proposal will include a recommendation on tariff pricing based on data gleaned from a two-year, 2.3 MW pilot study.

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