A photovoltaic park for «la milla»
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A photovoltaic park for «la milla»

A singular photovoltaic installation. The Science and Technology Park of Gijón is being used as an experimental platform for installing a renewable energy system not subject to premiums overturning all their output to the grid. Exiom Solution Company, specialized in the energy sector from different areas, has made a solar PV installation of 45 kilowatt nominal power to covert the central building of the Science Park.

This is a totally innovative, explains Martina Cuesta, of the company’s technical department. In fact, the initiative is the first of these characteristics, as this installation is connected to the grid, dump all their production to the grid, but it feeds on any subsidies. Also, explain the promoters, the project does not have the famous feeding tariffs enjoyed this type of project until January this 2011. «It’s still profitable and amortizable in a very short period of time,» they say.

On November 9th will be the official presentation of the project in the building where have installed. His greatest uniqueness lies in the fact that all the energy produced in it will compete in the electricity production market. «It is a photovoltaic park free of feeding tariffs» stress.

With this project, from the company Exiom is intended to convey to the whole PV industry a message of optimism «by showing that the PV can be competitive in the electricity market without assistance from the state» and by encouraging other investors to develop these facilities, thereby promoting the economic development of the region.

The initiative has come ahead with the support of the Municipality of Gijón, the Department of Industry of the Principado de Asturias, and the strategic ability and effort of the entire team Exiom «that are enabling this project to be viable economically, technically and environmentally «stress their leaders, while emphasizing that it is also a project» of great social interest. »

Photovoltaic panels capture the sunlight that strikes them and transform it into direct current passing to the inverter and is transformed into alternating current. Once transformed this energy, electrical equipment where they are installed can be used.
The company responsible for this installation, Exiom Solution at its solar division result of the union of a group of professionals dedicated to the renewable energy sector from different areas, enabling them to have a very general overview of the business, as added experience distribution and installation, with more than five hundred megawatts installed during the last five years since they started in the industry.

Covadonga Jimenez

Link: La Nueva España

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